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9inth Floor Consulting specializes in digital transformation, enterprise consulting as well infrastructure consulting. We focus on delivering customized solutions designed to fit any sized organization and reduce any negative impact from the impending change.  With broad global experience, we help our partners navigate complex local regulatory issues while ensure to maintain transparent and compliant outcomes.   We assist with Software selection, implementation, deployment and maintenance while delivers sustainable business processes to manage the organization.  We also offer our partners IT strategy, business process reengineering, IT staffing, independent verification and validation, project management oversight, expert witness testimony and litigation support. IT & ERP Strategy, Chicago,

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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation
IT & ERP Strategy

Effective business processes help companies operate at peak performance while providing the ability to sustain performance across an ever-changing business landscape.

9inth Floor helps our partners to design and implement consistent processes, metrics, and KPI’s that drive recurring business value.

To accomplish this, we leverage insight and experience in:

  • Strategic planning

  • Business value assessment

  • Business process design and optimization

  • Organizational change management

Successful digital transformation requires technological creativity and objectivity.  Your digital strategy could entail any number of technologies, including ERP software, HCM systems, eCommerce, business intelligence, mobile applications, analytics, internet of things and a host of other possibilities.

Digital transformation is most suitable for organizations that are aggressively pursuing growth, experiencing tectonic shifts in their industries or are interested in overhauling their business models to be more competitive.

Gartner defines ERP as “A technology strategy that integrates a set of business functions, such as finance, HR and purchasing, with operational aspects, such as manufacturing or distribution, through tight linkages from operational business transactions to financial records.”


We assist our partners with:

  • Defining Sound Business Goals

  • Understanding their Business Requirments

  • Implementing Sound Business Process

  • Evaluating the Business and Technological environments

  • Developing a sound Deployment Strategy

  • Identifying solid vendor selection strategy

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